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Boost Your Bust Book PDF Download FreeThis is my experience with the Boost Your Bust Book/PDF. You can view the product by clicking any of the links throughout this article, or you can scroll down to a bit to unlock my completely free breast enlargement method , or just click here!

Having small breasts is very frustrating when you have no control over how big they’ll actually end up. Especially for the millions of women who like myself have had to deal with this issue our entire lives. Its not fair to watch other women naturally have big breasts, but at least we can do something about it.

There are other forms of breast enlargement where you won’t have to resort to going under the knife. Getting big breasts isn’t about some superficial change you’re trying to make. I personally feel as though without having larger breasts that I was missing a sensual part of myself, part of my character. As corny as this sounds, but I feel the bigger my breasts are, the brighter I shine.

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My personal journey to having naturally larger breasts, led me down a path of using different breast enlargement hypnosis mp3′s, and breast enlargement subliminals all of which did produce results for me. While simultaneously using the advice given in the Boost Your Bust Book. I’m not sure if it was something particularly that produced results for me, or a combination of everything I used. But I know a lot of disbelief around breast enlargement hypnosis’s and subliminal’s. Therefore I’m giving most of the credit to the Book Your Bust book for my breasts increasing from a 32B to a 32D over the 12 months I was following the program everyday.

My FREE Method To Boost Your Bust!

Ever since I’ve made this post back in April ’13. I’ve gotten quite a few emails from people asking me how can they increase the size of their breasts naturally, because unfortunately has the money to buy the Boost your Bust PDF. It’s now Sepember ’13, and I’m going to reveal a little secret. I wasn’t telling the entire truth… Ever since I’ve first made this post back in April ’13, I’ve got quite a few women asking me for help, so while I did use the entire protocol as directed in the book.

What I really did was use it in conjunction with something else, something that’s completely free, and very few people know about. You’re probably wondering how very few people know about it, if its truly as effective as I say it is. Its because of skepticism, women are so skeptical that something free could be so beneficial. So they don’t even bother using it, people think that because they pay for something its got to be better.

How Does Boost Your Bust Work?

Yes, it works, but it takes a certain commitment everyday to apply all the routines, techniques, massages, stretches, and creating the recipes that all go a long way to help your breasts grow. Your first going to be given the theory as to how you can actually manipulate your breasts into growing. Jenny Bolton will tell you that to get your breasts to grow you’ll need certain hormones in your body that will stimulate breast growth.

Its like if you’ve ever taken a certain birth control pill, some females find that there breast may increase will on the pill. I’ve personally never had my breasts grow when I was on birth control, but this is just an example of how increased hormones can increase your breast size. Other then the techniques in the Boost Your Bust PDF that only make you appear to look bigger. The actually breast enlargement portion of the book consists of 4 hormones in your body that you’ll be manipulating to increase your breast size.

You will be removing a substance in your body called Xenoestrogen, this hormone tricks the body into thinking there’s more estrogen in the body then there really is. This will negatively effect your results and Bolton will show you how to remove it from your system. You’ll also be increasing your real estrogen levels and a few other hormones will will work synergisticly to increase your breast size naturally.

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Cheating Your Way To Bigger Breasts

On top of the permanent way of increasing your breast size through hormones. Bolton gives you a ‘cheat sheet’ to make you breasts appear bigger instantly. This is achieved by changing/altering 3 things…

  1. Clothes
  2. Exercises
  3. Posture

Bolton recommend you use padded bra but from my experience you should purchase a bomb shell bra from Victoria Secret, and Bolton also recommends put a powdered foundation on your chest. You can watch the video to see exactly how this is done. Of course there is more advice in the Boost Your Bust book then that, there totals 9 clothing tips and techniques you can do right away to make your breasts appear larger.

There are things you can do to make your breasts appear bigger such as a gel bra. When it comes to the exercises you’ll be working on increasing the muscle under the breast tissue this will push the breast out and make it appear fuller. While this doesn’t directly increase your breast size this will make your breast larger as long as you do the exercises once a week.

Lastly, you’ll be shown how to improve your posture in a way that will have you walking around appearing more confidently which is attractive in itself. But this will also have your breasts stick out more and appear to be a bit perkier.

Herbal Breast Enlargement Results

What Can Boost Your Bust PDF Do For You?

  • You’ll learn the ‘truth’ about your breasts, and how they can actually grow even if you’re out of the “growth stage” of your life.
  • How to create your own breast enhancement lotion, which you can make from ingredients that you have at home.
  • The science behind natural breast enlargement, and how it’s not just some theory with no real world results.
  •  Avoiding the potential side-effects of natural breast enlargement techniques.
  • How to make sure your breast development is as healthy, and regulated as possible.
  • How to increase the firmness of your breasts, and stop sagging.
  • Making sure your new breasts stay as big, and round as you want them.

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Herb Induced Breast Enlargement

Now the 4 hormones I talked about, you’d be altering to increase the size of your breasts. Is done by 3 herbs mentioned inside the Boost Your Bust PDF. Obviously I can’t reveal what those 3 herbs are, as they are the basis of the boost your bust book. But just know that I’ve used all 3 herbs for the complete 12 month regime. I’ve also checked with my family doctor, and had a before and after blood samples taken. I’m in excellent health, and the process was safe for me.

Please be sure to check with your doctor before taking the herbs recommended by Bolton.So that you know the herbs are safe for you, I take no responsibility

I’m just sharing my experience. You’ll also be taking these herbs and creating a topical breast massaging cream that you’ll working into your breasts to have an internal and external effect. You’ll be giving a step-by-step 12 month routine for taking all the herbs, extracts, and topical cream. The downside to the entire system is that it’ll run around $30-50/month with all the herbs you’ll be consuming on a daily basis. I bought all my herbs from Amazon which is much cheaper then going to a general health store. During the entire time you”re attempting to enlarge your breasts with the herbs you want to keep you diet as healthy as possible. Eating the foods that Bolton recommends at the end of the book in chapter 6. You’ll want to drink plenty of water, and decrease/eliminate caffeine from your diet.


  • The problem with the information in Boost Your Bust may be a hit or miss for women looking to increase their breast size because you’re increasing your hormone levels and practically hoping your breasts will increase. Most likely you should see growth in the first or second month but this isn’t a guarantee.
  • The $30-50 monthly cost of purchasing all the herbs, and extracts that you’ll need to consume.
  • The bonuses are just duplicate information from the Boost Your Bust Book. You get the Breast Boosting and Breast Routines bonuses, but the information inside both contain identical information that’s already inside the Boost Your Bust PDF.

Wrapping It Up

I personally had success with taking the herbs daily for 12 months. I went from a 32B to a 32D. I also used a breast enlargement hypnosis and a breast enlargement subliminal during all 12 months of the Boost Your Bust program. So I can’t conclude for sure where my results came from. I believe any women who is serious about wanting to increase the size of their breasts naturally will benefit from the boost your bust book.

There are other natural alternatives out there such as Breast Actives or Total Curve, but I do NOT recommend it. I also believe its much cheaper to buy the herbs individually from Amazon and follow Bolton’s recommended daily doses. Also you won’t know the exact amount of each herb you’re getting as those commercial break enlargement pills have a proprietary blend. On top of all that Bolton gives you a month-to-month guide for you to follow so you’ll always not how much to take, what to take, and what to do if you’re breasts aren’t growing at the rate you’d like.

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