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The Eat Stop Eat PDF Download is based on the concept of intermittent fasting, its written by Brad Pilon. Which supports everything referenced in the Eat Stop Eat PDF with scientific evidence by explaining intermittent fasting and it is benefits.  Typical diet advice is usually to consume six small meals each day, don’t skip breakfast and eat simply a certain amount of calories.

This type of fasting is the practice of completing a couple of 24 hour fasts during weekly, consisting only of water, and after that eating sensibly the rest from the week.  It is very accommodating and helps your overall nutrition plan.  Some things were simpler than I was expecting, and some were shockingly troublesome.

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Who is Brad Pilon?

Brad Pilon recently worked at on of the top supplement companies in the world as a ‘Research & Development Manager’. He would travel all over the world to meet with the industries leading researchers of weight loss and muscle building. Brad Pilon takes his years of expertise to debunk all the garage the food and supplement companies tell you.

He’s an expert when it comes to intermittent fasting when its related to weight loss and gaining lean muscle. He goal has always been to share the truth about the weight-loss and supplement industry, and to help people lose weight and gain muscle.

What is Eat Stop Eat?

The Eat Stop Eat PDF is a compilation of research studies related to the health, weight-loss, and muscle gaining benefits of intermittent fasting. Its a very short but thuro read, its a must read for anyone that is considering fasting for weight loss, or looking for that “magic pill”. Because, intermittent fasting is as close to a magic pill as your going to get. Brad Pilon mentions the different ways we are brainwashed by marketing from the supplement and food industry.

Intermittent Fasting Fat Loss Secret Exposed!

I’ve been doing intermittent fasting for almost 2 years now, but not every day of course. I usually do it 2-3x a week. I like to stuff my face on workout days, but recently I came across something that’s really incredible in terms of melting fat off your body.

The most interesting part out this, is it’s not something you’d ever think would benefit you. Combining this ONE thing, with intermittent fasting will crank up you fat loss. If thats why you do intermittent fasting. I’m all about being healthy, but I really do it because I love eating certain types of food. Yey, having the ability to stay in single digit body fat percentage. All year round!

What are some Intermittent Fasting Benefits?

  • Insulin levels decrease & insulin sensitivity increases
  • Blood glucose levels will decrease
  • Increased lipolysis and fat burning
  • Weight loss and fat loss increases
  • Chronic inflammation decreases
  • Increase growth hormone production
  • Helps prevent cancer
  • Detoxifies the body of toxins and impurities
  • Better mental clarity

Check out these other health benefits of fasting , and there are even more benefits of fating discussing in the book.

One of the benefits I found great for me was the that my acne cleared up. Everyone is different, and you may not even have acne. But giving your body a break for food few a few hours its very beneficial in allow itself to “heal” the body. Instead of constantly “stressing” over having to break down food 24 hours a day.

Does Eat Stop Eat Work?

Eat Stop Eat PDF Download FreeYes, it does. It works be decreasing you overall caloric intake for the week by up to 25%. How does it do this? By using the intermittent fasting techniques suggested by Brad Pilon. Everything suggests you follow in the Eat Stop Eat PDF is backed 100% by scientific references to the suggested studies Brad is talking about.

The Eat Stop Eat PDF does not provide diets to lose weight, it actually promotes a health lifestyle unlike most of the popular guaranteed weight loss books on the market. Eat Stop Eat does on the other hand promotes “healthy weight loss”. Providing you with a simple to follow intermittent fasting “diet” that will have you losing weight effortlessly. I personally believe that if you choose to follow the intermittent fasting diet outlined by Brad Pilon, you will find that its the best way to lose weight. While I’m actually writing this review while I’m 13 hours into my fast.

Eat Stop Eat is definitely the easiest and most effective weight-loss plan I’ve even been on. You won’t have to eliminate the food you love, the Eat Stop Eat PDF suggests that when you’re on an intermittent fasting program that you’ll be able to burn fat during your fasted days and maintain/loss fat on your feed days (this of course depends on your daily calorie consumption).

The first couple times I did intermittent fasting I found it quite difficult to not give into the cravings that would always creep up on me around the 12-14 hour mark. But none-the-less after 3-4 fasting days you’ll be able to power through the “hunger pains”. I also find I have so much more energy and I don’t need to take mid-day naps.

Putting It All Together

Eat Stop Eat is going to take you from the ground up, from knowing absolutely nothing about intermittent fasting, to turning into an expert. If you follow the basic fasting advice provide by Pilon you’ll be set. But I know some guys want a little more, they want to “hack” intermittent fasting. Making it better, and making it more efffective.

While this is possible, you’ll have to look into other resources to achieve this goal. For that I recommend the this other program. Either resources are great, and will essentially teach you the same thing.

Whats Included With The Eat Stop Eat PDF

This really comes down to what you want to get with the Eat Stop Eat – the optimized package or the ultimate package, but potentially it could come with everything listed below.

  • Eat Stop Eat PDF ( 178 pages)
  • Eat Stop Eat Audiobook
  • Eat Stop Eat Advanced Audio Files
  • Eat Stop Eat OPTIMIZED: Simple Tips for Getting the Most out of the Eat Stop Eat Lifestyle ( 55 pages )
  • Why Diets Stop Working MP3 & Transcripts PDF ( 20 pages)
  • The Zen of Nutrition PDF ( 8 pages) This is also available on Brad Pilon’s Blog if you join his mailing list – here
  • The 10 Day Diet Solution PDF ( 25 pages )
  • Venus Index Workout by John Barban – This is a woman’s exercise book. ( 36 pages )
  • The Adonis Index – The Theoery of Ideal Body Proportions ( 162 pages )

The Good

  • Very short but very descriptive (takes less the 2 hours to complete)
  • Professionally written and based off research and not theory
  • Doesn’t try to persuade you this is the best fat loss method around, but gives you the scientific facts as to why it works and is effective
  • Advocates a healthy lifestyle that includes exercise rather then putting you on a fad diet
  • Compared to other diets I’ve been on, the Eat Stop Eat program aims for flexibility
  • Teaches you everything you’ll ever need or what to know about how to fast successfully

The Bad

  • Brad talks about his past about how he’s just an average guy, wasn’t needed. I was sold once I purchased the PDF
  • Near the end Brad Pilon seemed to contradict himself from the earlier declarations made about metabolic results due to fasting
  • Also near the end facts start to get a bit repetitive
  • Its just a book about IF, there isn’t any workout advice. I know a few guys that personally follows the advice from Rusty Moore’s program.

Wrapping Everything Up

Eat Stop Eat is a very good book explaining the different health benefits of fasting for fast loss and gaining lean muscle. I found eat stop eat to be much better than ‘The Miracle of Fasting’. I would definitely recommend this book to everyone I know that workouts out, eats healthy, and just overall wants a healthier lifestyle. I dont regret buying this book. It takes the minimalist approach to weight-loss and will require little effort if any from anyone who tries it.

Brad Pilons approach to the weight-loss industry is a fresh approach that I enjoyed, Brad Pilon focuses on explaining the scientific facts of fasting and not focusing on what you should and should not be eating. You’ll should be able to read the book in just over an hour, which will give you a few life changing tips to add to your weekly regime.

If you’re someone that is just dabbling with the idea of IF, and you don’t think it’s for you. Though I recommend you at least give it a try. You should check out this, its a great alternative to those that arn’t ready to take the dive into the IF pool.

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