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Squirting Orgasm Mastery DownloadThis is my experience with the Squirting Orgasm Masery. You can view the product by clicking any of the links throughout this article, or you can scroll to the bottom of the page where you can get the free videos!

ISN Education has released an updated version of their original Squirting Mastery program hosted by Marcus London. I really enjoy all of the sexual education products created by 2 Girls Teach Sex. I’ve found all of the products that I’ve been through to be very beneficial. No matter what the topic I always learn something new that I’m able to incorporate into my sex life. I know that they have products related to picking up girls, but I doubt they’re very good.

This is a review of Squirting Orgasm Mastery 2.0. The main focus of Squirting Orgasm Mastery is obviously learning how to make girls squirt. Like the original Squirting Mastery program, the 2.0 version is also hosted by Marcus London. The title of the product is a bit misleading, I say this because even though you will learn how to make girls squirt. The products main focus is foreplay.

The Squirting Orgasm Mastery program is split up into 5 parts, with 2 anal sex focused bonuses. The yummy anal sex bonuses are Rear Entry Made Easy, and Anal Orgasm Mastery.

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Why Mastery Squirting Techniques?

Simply put it’ll make you appear amazing in bed. You’ll be able to give girls orgasms that are far more intense then anything they’ve likely had with other girls. Most guys are clueless when it comes to sex. Learn some of the basics, and how to make girls squirts will set you apart. The euphoric orgasms you’ll be able to give any girl will make them love you.

Have Trouble Lasting In Bed?

This program isn’t going to help you last longer per say like Superman Stamina or even a stamina device like Penomet. But when you incorporate the Spider-Man Technique into your sex, you’ll find you won’t have to last as long.

What do I mean by that?

Well, a squirting orgasm is the most intense orgasm a girl can get, and since this program is heavily focused on making girls squirt during foreplay. Once you reach penetration the girl your having sex with would have already squirted 2-3 times (maybe more!). If you’re only able to last 5 minutes through penetration the girl will likely have at least 1 more vaginal orgasm. But Marcus London does teach you a simple trick in the ‘Squirting Penetrating Orgasms’ section that will allow you to continuously make the girl squirt through penetration. Not the easiest thing to do, but once you figure out the right angles, the rest is history.

Once you learn the trick, and master it. You’ll find most girls will be finished a lot quicker then expected.

Can Make Girls Squirt But Still Insecure

A huge concern for me once I mastered the techniques taught in Squirting Mastery was the size of my penis. Even though I mastered the techniques needed to make a girl squirt I still had insecurities and negative beliefs that revolved around the size of my penis.

Stamina Still an Issue

On top of my penis size being a problem, I was unable to last more then 10 minutes during penetration. I was lasting on average about 5 minutes, this was kind of humiliating for me.

Euphoric Actress Overload

It really depends on what kind of guy you are. I’m assuming what grasps your attention about the sexual products is the visual aspect! You have stunning porn stars giving you arousing demonstrations. I’m sure for some guys if they find out that an actress that they really like is in the program they might cave and just buy it.

The line up is stacked! I’ve never seen so many adult actresses in 1 product before, there’s a total of 12 porn stars. I’m not a big porn guy myself  the only name I recognize is Annie Cruz, because I love Asian girls. Other then that I don’t recognize any of the names. You’ve got Veronica Avluv, Vicki Chase, Alyssa Branch, ect. Some of these girls are stunning, some are just alright, it obviously comes down to personal preference.

Get Any Girl To Squirt

You’ll be shown 3 different types of girls, so you’ll know how to make each of them squirt. You’ll learn how to make a girl who’s never squirted before, squirt. Make a girl that doesn’t believe squirting is possible squirt, essentially turn a disbeliever into a believer. And, you’ll even be shown how to make girls that like rough sex squirt. You’ll be using the same techniques, but just putting a more rough twist on it. Having the confidence in knowing that you have the ability to make any girl squirt, will make you feel like you’ve reached female mind mastery!

Foreplay Focused

As I mentioned above why knowing what to do during foreplay is going to help you a lot. But the main focus of this program is foreplay. You’ll be learn the Spider-Man Technique, which is the bread-and-butter of Squirting Orgasm Mastery. Then Marcus London will show you how he performs cunnilingus on a girl. For guys that aren’t very good at kissing you’ll be given a full step-by-step demonstration with Annie Cruz thats all about foreplay.

Final Words

This is the BEST program that will teach you how to make any girl squirt. It may be a little bit overwhelming for guys that have never made a girl squirt before, or are inexperienced in bed. But for guys that are more seasoned in the sheets, you’ll feel right at home because you’ll know the exact area’s Marcus London is talking about.

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